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COOL | Soothing AHA Aftershave Spray

COOL | Soothing AHA Aftershave Spray

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Experience the ultimate post-shave comfort with COOL | Soothing AHA Aftershave Spray. Our carefully crafted formula combines soothing botanicals with Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) for a multifunctional product that aims to calm and refresh your skin after shaving. Enjoy a unique, refreshing experience designed to cater to your post-shave needs and support the appearance of healthy-looking skin.


Full Spectrum CBD- From USDA Certified Organic hemp.

Organic Peony Oil- helps skin retain moisture, powerful antioxidant, incredibly soothing to itchy or painful skin disorders, anti-inflammatory, hydrating and healing, gives our butter a natural light floral scent

Organic Coconut Oil- moisturizing dry skin, including in people with conditions such as eczema & psoriasis, reducing inflammation, which may result from UVB rays, promoting wound healing

Organic Cocoa Butter- makes skin soft & supple, fades scars and stretch marks, reduces signs of aging

Organic Shea Butter- high levels of Vitamins A & E, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-fungal, helps boost collagen production, helps promote cell regeneration, reduces scarring, soothes insect bite, promotes wound healing, helps relieve arthritis pain & muscle soreness,

Organic Avocado Oil- moisturizes, slows aging process, helps protect from sun, soothes irritated skin, aids in wound healing

Organic Calendula Oil- anti-inflammatory, calms redness and irritation, helps products penetrate skin more deeply, facilitates wound healing and helps antioxidant impact, helps prevents infection

Organic Beeswax- creates protective layer on the skin, thickening agent so product stays more concentrated where it’s applied, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, fades scars, improve general skin health

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