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    Herbal salves, roll-ons, and oils formulated with adaptogens and designed to bring you rapid, lasting comfort.

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    Catch zzz’s or find calm with capsules and tinctures that harness the power of plant medicine for an empowered everyday.

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ZoZ Wellness is Women-, LGBTQ-,
and Black-owned and operated

We are committed to digging into the power of mother earth and the potential of plant medicine.

ZoZ Wellness was founded on one simple belief: the earth provides. We believe some of the most effective answers on your quest for presence or pain relief are the ones that have been there from the beginning, taking root in the soil and stretching toward the sun.
Our journey is all about making those answers accessible to you in the form of consciously crafted, earth-derived elixirs and natural remedies.

Botanical Wellness Solutions for Pets

Sustainably-formulated pet care essentials designed with simplicity in mind

From daily nutrition and grooming aids to products aimed at supporting your pet's comfort and well-being, we're dedicated to providing conscientious care for your four-legged friends. Explore our selection of treats, tinctures, and food toppers crafted for your beloved companion.

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Modern formulations that meet the moment

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ZoZ Wellness formulates botanical blends and natural wellness products for those who believe in living consciously, relieving naturally, and treating holistically.