Our Story

Today, perhaps no element of society has remained untouched by the rapid changes taking place globally. To this end, hemp has proven to be not only resilient and sustainable but an essential solution for recovery from the current climate in the world. From the herbs' mystical origins in folk medicine to its rise in the modern business world, uses of this plant continue to evolve with the lives it touches.

At ZoZ, we are dedicated to this kind of change and embrace the history of the plant in all of its potential, while also understanding that real healing comes from a well-rounded approach of many plant medicines. Our formulations are highlighted with medicinal herbs, adaptogens, and mushrooms to induce an effective holistic inside-out approach. 

ZoZ has carried our artisan roots to the wellness space by growing our own USDA Certified Organic Hemp, sourcing other plant medicines from local, women-owned/operated farms, and developing formulations with knowledgeable healers. We maintain our commitment to consistency and quality with a true seed-to-sale approach. Our products are clean, effective, sustainable and made with intention. 

ZoZ Wellness is Women, LGBTQ, and Black-Owned and operated. Our commitment to diversity, inclusivity and equity is demonstrated through our sponsorships, philanthropic projects, and community engagement. When choosing to purchase our products you are choosing to support these same fundamental values.

We thank you for being a part of the solution. 

Soothe, slow down, and savor the moment

with sustainably formulated self-care solutions—derived from the soil and sun.