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Temple Roll On

Temple Roll On

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Need a quick way to relax and soothe your headache or anxiety? Look no further than the high-powered, travel size temple roll-on! Made with 250mg organic hemp oil, it contains two essential oil blends - Calm and Head Ease. The natural blend of Peppermint, Ginger, Sweet Fennel and Spanish Sage in the Calm Blend will reduce anxious feelings while gently calming down your nervous system. Or try out the Head Ease Blend that consists of Lavender mixed with Peppermint and Wintergreen China for fast symptom relief from tension headaches or migraines—it even includes Frankincense for an added bonus!


Organic MCT Oil - overall skin nourishing, antifungal, soothes and treats skin disorders, antimicrobial, promotes healing.

Organic Arnica Oil - used topically it has anti-inflammatory properties that provide pain relief and reduce swelling. It also has calming effects that can reduce anxiety and improve circulation. Arnica oil has antiseptic properties that can help with skin healing.

250mg Full Spectrum CBD From USDA Certified Organic hemp - has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce pain and inflammation. When applied topically, it can provide targeted relief for sore muscles and joints, and may be effective for conditions like arthritis and neuropathy. It has also been shown to have anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) effects. When applied topically, it can help reduce feelings of anxiety and promote relaxation

Calm Essential Oil Blend - Peppermint, Ginger, Sweet Fennel, and Spanish Sage: Peppermint oil has a cooling and refreshing effect on the mind and body. It can help reduce anxiety and stress, promote relaxation, and improve mood. Ginger oil has a warming and grounding effect that can help reduce anxiety and promote calmness. Sweet fennel oil has a calming effect on the mind and body and can help reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. Spanish sage oil has a soothing and grounding effect on the mind and body. It can help reduce anxiety, promote calmness, and improve mood.

Head Ease Essential Oil Blend- Lavender, Peppermint, Wintergreen China and Frankincense: Lavender oil has calming and soothing properties that can help reduce stress and tension. It may also help improve sleep quality, which can be beneficial for people who suffer from headaches. Peppermint oil has a cooling and refreshing effect on the skin and can help reduce muscle tension and inflammation. It also has analgesic properties, which means it can help relieve pain. Wintergreen China oil has a cooling effect and is known for its pain-relieving properties. It contains methyl salicylate, which is similar to aspirin and can help reduce inflammation and pain. Frankincense has anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and mood-boosting properties that may be useful for headache relief. It also has a calming and grounding effect on the mind and body, which can help reduce stress and tension that may contribute to headaches.

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